NANOARC's QUANTUM MATERIALS Division expands nanotechnology beyond the perception that only certain sizes and or shapes of nanomaterials, are able to deliver specific functionality. A small piece of graphite doesn't necessarily yield diamond. We do not overlook dimensionality, our focus is on atomic architecture, to enable flexibility in nanomaterial design while facilitating compatibility. We employ nontoxic, sustainable chemistry methods. Even with constant size & shape, minute atomic shifts create unprecedented functionality & interesting architectures.


The strength of every technological system resides in the quality of the materials used to manufacture it. The advancement of fundamental and applied research also, relies on the discovery and understanding of phenomena through the study of effects reproducibly generated within materials. For the curious academics, this is a unique opportunity to explore quantum confinement phenomena beyond contemporary knowledge. With relatively marginal costs, the business client can significantly improve their existing technologies or create entirely new ones, by simply incorporating finite amounts of our nanomaterial additives to the designated system.


NANOARC offers a unique set of nanopowder architectures, designed and engineered to tackle specific industrial and academic challenges. Some of which include: Technological solutions for antimicrobial fabric, catalytic, corrosion resistance, UV-blocking, neutron shielding, cancer research and engineering applications. We resolve material and reinforcement challenges in the following sectors:

cement & concrete nanoadditives,

Ultra-high surface area nanocatalyst powders

Beverage Preservation & Protection

Antibiotic Residue Removal from Water & Dairy

Orthopaedic Implant Antimicrobial NanoAdditives

nano-rubber additives (Quanπyre),

antimicrobial dental resins & implant composite nanoadditives,



nanoceramics additives

paint & pigment reinforcement nanoadditives

The essence of nanotechnology, is that with little material, you can achieve your expected outcome and significantly more. The more refined and well defined the nanomaterial, the lower the dosage required as an additive to your technology.